Accident Reconstruction

We utilize the latest science, techniques, research and equipment to perform complex reconstruction analyses.

Human Factors

Analyzing and understanding the way that humans interact and perform in their environment.

Visibility and Conspicuity

We specialize in object detection, contrast, lighting and visibility analyses.

Forensically Accurate Digital Media

JS Forensic Consulting is an industry leader when it comes to producing fair and accurate photographs, video and animations of any scene or environment.

Premise Liability

Slip, trip and falls. Analyzing surface traction, lighting or object visibility.

3D Forensic Mapping

Complex forensic visuals to demonstrate accident scenes, vehicles, pedestrians and objects involved.

Event Data Recorders

Today, most vehicles record data during operation. We specialize in recovering and analyzing data from passenger cars, motorcycles, commercial vehicles, heavy trucks and buses.

Digital Media Analysis

Forensically accurate analysis of all manner of video and photographs. We perform complex 3D photogrammetry analyses to determine location, speed and motion of all objects in a scene.


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