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Forensically Accurate Digital Media

It is often useful to present still images, video, or animation of any scene, especially a night time accident scene. If the purpose of showing these still images or video is to depict the lighting conditions at the time they were captured, then the image or video must be properly calibrated. Without proper calibration, the image shown could display objects in the scene as substantially more visible or less visible than they were at the actual time of the accident. In other words, an improperly calibrated image will show that objects in a scene are either easier or harder to perceive and detect than they actually are.

JS Forensic Consulting is an industry leader when it comes to producing fair and accurate photographs and video of any scene or environment. We use science, not art, to ensure that our photographs, videos and animations properly depict the lighting condition. Our photographs, videos and animations have never been excluded from any courtroom, but have been challenged unsuccessfully by the opposing side many times.

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